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Indian PM Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump

The Astrological Aspect of Global Politics

Indian PM Narendra Modi and USPresident Donald Trump are now leading the pivotal countries in theworld economy. So far, their journeys have been a lot like a roller coaster ride. However, we will be covering the astrological aspect of their politics and its impact on global politics in this piece of article.

You should know that in order to predict the trends of the economic affairs, the transition of Jupiter and Saturn plays a pivotal role. Saturn entered into the fiery sign Sagittarius on 26, January 2017 and Jupiter entered into Libra in September 2017. Right after that, the decision of demonization came which somehow created the global recession in 2017 and will have similar effects in the year 2018. As per the Scorpio lagan horoscope of theIndian PM Narendra Modi, he is now facing the Vimshottari Dasha.The Moon-Mercury causes this,and this Dasha will last until 26 January 2018.

Narendra Modi might have thought that his initiation of demonetization in Delhi politicswill bring him fame and praises as the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi received after taking the initiative of nationalizing all the banks in the early 1970’s. But the loopholes created an adverse effect on theIndian politics.

US President Donald Trumpis a Gemini which is the sign of a fast-talking and clever person,andMercury, the messenger, governs it. The best political astrologerin Delhi says that the moon’s sign of the US President is in the fiery Sagittarius. This sign governs international expansion. Well, this can be the reason why his net worth is 3.7billiondollarstoday. You should know that Sagittarius is also synonymous with outspokenness. Thisexplains that his off-color and the firing of controversial statements has a reason. His nature has brought an avalanche in theUS politics andglobal politics at large.  

These findings have been released by the best Delhi political astrologer. This gives considerable backing to these statements.