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What exactly is incorrect with matchmaking the Mom of Your Daughter’s Boyfriend?

Reader matter:

what exactly is wrong with a soon-to-be-divorced dad internet dating a separated woman who happens to be their daughter’s date’s mom?

-Donnie C. (Pennsylvania)

Specialist’s Answer:

Hello Donnie,

I am assuming you are the “soon-to-be-divorced dad”? Suppose you may be. There are some huge warning flag regarding internet dating your own child’s sweetheart’s mother. Let us start off with the point that you’re not also divorced but. I do believe that because there are young children involved, you really need to hold back until the separation is final prior to getting into a serious commitment. It’s OK up to now every now and then, but ensure that it stays at this until everyone in the scenario provides healed or is no less than getting congenial.

2nd, there are huge amounts of feamales in globally. Exactly why do you must date your child’s sweetheart’s mother? What i’m saying is genuinely, internet dating the meal females at her class or the woman gynecologist would trigger much less shame. Separation and divorce can be a very hard circumstance for every involved. Make sure to place your young ones first, and do not allow it to be any more challenging on them than it ought to be.