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1. Workshops

Astrology, Numerology , Vastu Shastra , Spiritual healing Ashok foundation offers an impressive range of workshops, highlighting self development, creative thinking, many types of meditation, and united by a sense of fun. Whatever area of creative self development interests you –  Astrology , Vastus Shastra , Numerology , Meditation , Spiritual Healing Ashok Foundation workshops will breathe new life into your world

2. Sessions

Therapy works! There are many types of therapies these days, and knowledge of alternative therapies is growing all the time.
At Ashok Foundation, our therapy sessions offer a wide range of alternative therapies, numerous approaches to spiritual healing, and many types of therapist. So keep checking to see what’s new, keep an eye for the therapy best suited to your needs.
Vaastu Shastra gives the solution of almost every problem which we are facing in our physical , mental , social or spiritual life. First of all we will talk about the health problem. Health is important for every person. If a person is healthy than he can only able to enjoy his life. Health is wealth is a very true saying.
If a person is unhealthy or ill from long time, not getting relief and even not the reason of his illness and his money or saving is going in hospitals bill. Vaastu fault is also the reason of this problem. Either South-East or South-West direction is the reason of this problem. Any pit, boring, kitchen, slope, temple, gods calendar etc. wont be there. One easy solution is also here; take one full piece of pumpkin and take seven rounds from the head of ill person on every Thursday and after that offer it in a Shiva temple. Do this procedure at least for three weeks.

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